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23.03.2016 - 30.05.2016
Yuwa Kato exhibited at a Japanese Green Tea Salon in Berlin

Our two paitings of Yuwa Kato are now exhibited at a Japanese Green Tea Salon in Berlin.

Yuwa Kato was introduced in the well established art magazine "Art Collectors" (Issue March 2016) as one of the 9 most highly individualistic female artist in Japan. We are truely proud to present our available works, which are getting more and more difficult to obtain these days.

Katos works have truely beautiful fine lines. We hope that you have an opportunity to enjoy them in the  gentle light and the cozy air in the macha-macha.

At macha-macha, more than 20 kinds of organic green teas are available, together with hand made sweets such as Green-Tea Cheese Cake. The Japanese room (和室) with a Tatami Mat are also loved by customers, who repeatedly use to enjoy a nice quiet time. Events such as Tea Ceremony, Meditation, Go(囲碁) are also popular.

Wishing you a relaxing day....



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